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1-PACMAN is a partylist that claims to broadly support the marginalized sector. Along its other platforms include sports development, education, and jobs creation. The group has gotten the endorsement of top personalities including Manny Pacquiao who is the party’s namesake. The party has ran successfully in 2016 and 2019 both winning two seats.

The partylist’s first nominee Mr. Mikee Romero is the team owner of Global Port Batang pier in the PBA. Mikee Romero’s business portfolio has made him part of the 50 wealthiest individuals in the Philippines with a net worth of over 135 million USD. Aside from being a ports tycoon, Mr. Romero is also a majority shareholder of Philippines Air Asia. In an interview given to CEO magazine, Mr. Romero said that he has a trio of police motorcades at his disposal but prefers to ride his private helicopter to avoid the traffic. The second nominee, Mr. Erik Pineda is the business manager of Manny Pacquiao. Given these nominees’ background, it is clear that the partylist is used as a vehicle to promote their business interests through politics.