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Turismo is a partylist formed by Wanda Teo – brother of Senatorial candidate Raffy Tulfo and Secretary of Tourism from 2016 – 2018.

The Tulfo family was subject to a Senate Blue Ribbon Committee probe in 2016 for conflict of interest in the procurement of government contracts. Ms. Teo, who was then secretary of tourism, secured a 60 million peso ad deal to release a tourism promotion commercial with the BITAG network that was owned by her brother Ben Tulfo.

If both Wanda Teo, through the Turismo partylist and Raffy Tulfo win their respective races, that would be two members of the Tulfo family in political office. Raffy Tulfo’s son Ralph is also running as representative of Quezon city district 2. As was shown in the controversy surrounding the 60 M DOT contracts, the Tulfos have shown their willingness to leverage government connections to benefit their private businesses.