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The LPGMA partylist promotes two main platforms: 1) advocating for safety in the production and distribution of LPG products 2) promoting safety in general whether in the workplace, school, family, or community relationships. More broadly, LPGMA represents the liquified petroleum gas and energy industry that seeks to increase sales of related products to consumers.

Mr. Allan Ty, the partylists first nominee has an extensive business background. He was the former director of the Cagayan Export Zone Authority. He also owns several businesses related to petroleum, renewable energy, trading, banking, and real estate. Several commentators have also raised the risk of conflicts of interest if groups like LPGMA are given a seat in congress. Under our laws, the LPG industry is regulated by both the DTI and DOE. Having politicians represent the industry enables them to push for laws which lessen the regulatory powers of these agencies, increase budgets for supporting the growth of their sector, and influence hearings on oversight and investigation.